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Read about the likes of Lien and how she left her conventional life to pursue her business. You can help support Lien today by purchasing her products!

Hi, my name is Lien. I am Vietnamese. Australia has been my home for the last 7 years and many more years to come. Growing up in a traditional family in Vietnam, I felt a strong urge to escape from the shackle of society where women are expected to be everything but themselves: working 9-5, taking care of kids, taking care of their husband, cooking, cleaning. The list goes on.

I went into depression some time ago due to personal and professional challenges. It’s when I knew I needed to change. I quit my soul-sucking accounting job where I stayed till 8 pm, some nights at 10 pm. I started working on myself through books, meditation and visualization. I started exercising, learning about businesses and doing what I enjoy.

I created SelfAmour to empower women to take care of themselves first because self-care is giving the world the best of you, not what’s left of you. I no longer rely on anyone or anything to make me feel good because I am my own boss: mentally, emotionally, and financially. I want you to feel the same. SelfAmour encourages women to follow whatever their hearts sing, write their own stories, not the stories being told by society. Amour means love in French, so SelfAmour means self-love. SelfAmour’s tagline: “She invested in herself, and everything changed”. That’s the whole idea behind SelfAmour.

Rose Quartz is considered a powerful healing stone, representing self-love, harmony, leaving you calm and grounded. Using this eye mask every night during meditation would benefit your skin and mind. I'll let you discover that yourself 😊

Here are a few suggested steps:

  1. While cleansing your skin, tell yourself in the mirror that you have done a great job today. Give yourself a pat in the back.

  2. Lay down in a quiet place. Place the eye mask over the eye area. Listen to a guided meditation or meditation music while the soothing effect of the mask does the magic.

  3.  Visualize your highest self, your dream life. Imagine being sure of what you offer to the world.

  4. Remove eye mask, apply skincare as usual

  5. Start showing up as “her”, your highest self, the following day. Take action and believe in yourself!

 Cheers to all fearless, unapologetic girl bosses of today!

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